Discovery: A write-up of "On This Muddy Water" by Janine Joseph

This lovely write-up of "On This Muddy Water": Voices from the Houston Ship Channel was recently shared with me. I loved this moment in the review the most (and today miss hearing "If you got it rollin', you let it roll..."):

By far, my favorite piece was "Let It Roll", performed by Heath Martin, because it felt like I was listening to a seaman. Even while I was still listening to it, I felt a little sad that there's a very good chance I will never hear that piece of music again in my life. Of course, I imagine that this was all recorded either in rehearsal or another of the performances, but it won't necessarily be widely available. I would like to hear the entire program again so I can absorb more, but especially that piece.

Thank you, Amy Sisson, for this thoughtful review!