New Essay in AALR: My Response to Junot Díaz's "MFA vs POC" by Janine Joseph

In a special forum on creative writing education for poc, Rigoberto Gonzalez, Jennifer Hayashida, Craig Santos Perez, Afaa Michael Weaver, Sreedhevi Iyer, Nina Sharma, Alex Espinosa, Xu Xi, Kaitlyn Greenidge, and I respond to Junot Diaz's New Yorker piece, "MFA vs POC," in the new issue of The Asian American Literary Review. Check out my contribution here.

Pushcart Nomination: Forthcoming essay in The Asian American Literary Review by Janine Joseph

Thank you to the editors of The Asian American Literary Review (AALR) for nominating my contribution to the forthcoming Forum on Creative Writing Education for Writers of Color!