“American DREAMers” is a multimovement work composed by Melissa Dunphy and performed by the Philadelphia Philharmonia. The piece features my poem, “More milk, more milk makes it better” (7:02 - 11:00), as well as texts written by Claudia D. Hernández, Julia Rosana Montejo, Marlene Rangel, and Javier Zamora.

Reciting my poem "Everything Signed & Filed," as part of the Utah Division of Arts & Museums' re-launch of the Bite Size-Poetry project. Created by TWIG Media Lab. 

Shruti Iyer and I read live for Transatlantic Poetry. Supported by Kundiman. Hosted by R.A. Villanueva.

Teaser Trailer for the Utah Art Council's Bite-Size Poetry Project relaunch.